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Biography of Dan Chiras

Dan Chiras, Ph.D. is a man of many interests, talents, and pursuits. He is an avid reader, photographer, singer/songwriter, nonfiction and fiction writer, textbook author, an authority on and practitioner of self-sufficiency and sustainability, an accomplished teacher and public speaker, river runner, hiker, mountain biker, cross country
skier, and a passionate nature lover.

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Sustainable Systems Design, Inc.

Dan formed Sustainable Systems Design, Inc. in 1994 and continues to offer design services and consulting on super energy-efficient, passive solar and solar electric
maximally sustainable, green-built homes.

He also offers lectures, webinars, advice, and occasional workshops on self-sufficient and sustainable living, residential renewable energy, green building, Chinese greenhouses, and indoor LED hydroponic gardening.

To contact Dan regarding services please call or text him at (636) 303-9884.

Colorado Center for Creative Writing

In addition to his many nonfiction books and articles, Dan has written three novels, including Here
Stands Marshall published by the Public Press, and dozens of short stories.

To share his knowledge and experience, he has created the Colorado Center for Creative Writing
through which he teaches workshops on fiction writing as well as song writing for writers in
southwestern Colorado.

His workshop schedule will be posted on this website soon.

Wind River Music

Dan has written numerous songs and recorded demos and performs at various venues.

For more information and a link to his website Wind River Music click here.

Dan’s most recent books include:

  • Grow Lettuce in Your Living Room
  • The Chinese Greenhouse
  • Survive in Style: Prepper’s Guide to Living Comfortable through Disasters

His most popular (best-selling) books include:

  • The Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy
  • Power from the Sun
  • Solar Electricity Basics
    The Solar House
  • The Natural House
  • Green Home Improvement

Dan has also written a handful of self-help books including:

  • EcoKids: Raising Children who Care for the Earth
  • Things I Learned too Late in Life
  • The Finer Points of Fiction: Read the Best to Write Your Best
  • Kratom: Things You Need to Know to Use it Safely

For a complete list of the books that Dan has published CLICK HERE


Chinese Greenhouse

The Chinese Greenhouse Purchase this book on Amazon   Design and Build a Low-Cost, Passive Solar Greenhouse by Dan Chiras   Originally developed in China to feed millions, Chinese greenhouses are earth-sheltered, solar-heated, east-west oriented, intelligently…

Solar Electricity Basics

Solar Electricity Basics – Revised and Updated 2nd Edition Powering Your Home or Office with Solar Energy by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon Climate change and limits to fossil fuels compel us to…

Power from the Sun

Power from the Sun – 2nd Edition A Practical Guide to Solar Electricity – Revised 2nd Edition Purchase this book on Amazon   by Dan Chiras Written for the layman, this is the fully revised and…

Wind Power Basics

Wind Power Basics A Green Energy Guide by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon   Humans have harnessed wind power for centuries. It is the fastest growing source of energy in the world, and…


Superbia! 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods Purchase this on Amazon   by Dan Chiras and Dave Wann Superbia! is a book of practical ideas for creating more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods. It is about remaking suburban…

Solar Home Heating Basics

Solar Home Heating Basics A Green Energy Guide by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon   As fossil fuel supplies dwindle, home heating will be one of the major challenges in temperate and cold…

Scoop on Poop

The Scoop on Poop Safely capturing and recycling the nutrients in greywater, humanure and urine by Dan Chiras Purchase this book on Amazon   Flush it and forget it is the plumbing mantra of the industrialized…

Natural Plaster Book

The Natural Plaster Book Earth, Lime and Gypsum Plasters for Natural Homes   by Cedar Rose Guelberth and Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon For builders of natural homes (straw bale, cob, adobe, rammed earth, and…

Green Transportation Basics

Green Transportation Basics A Green Energy Guide by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon   Our automobile culture is devastating for the environment, but private passenger vehicles are unlikely to disappear from our roads…

EcoKids Book

EcoKids Raising Children Who Care for the Earth   by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon To forge a sustainable future, we need citizens who care for the Earth. We need citizens who understand…

Power from the Wind

Power from the Wind – 2nd Edition A Practical Guide to Small Scale Energy Production   by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon Skyrocketing energy costs and constant reminders of the impacts of conventional…

Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy

The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy-Revised & Updated Edition Achieving Energy Independence through Solar, Wind, Biomass and Hydropower   by Dan Chiras   Purchase this book on Amazon   Energy bills have skyrocketed in North America,…